14th annual workshop on the intersection of HCI and PL
@ University of California, Berkeley, CA USA February 19-20, 2024

PLATEAU 2024 Program

PLATEAU will take place at the UC Berkeley campus in Berkeley, CA on February 19-20, 2024. Conference events will be held in Soda Hall in room 430-8, the Wozniak Lounge.

Day 1, Monday February 19th
8:30 AM–9:00 AM
Welcome and Intro
9:00 AM–9:15 AM
Theories and Models
A purpose-first theory of transfer through programming in a general education computing course,
Mark Guzdial, Tamara Nelson-Fromm
9:15 AM–9:50 AM
TestLoop: A Process Model of Automatic and Manual Test Suite Generation,
Matthew C. Davis, Sangheon Choi, Amy Wei, Brad A. Myers, Joshua Sunshine
9:50 AM–10:25 AM
The C3 Model,
Gary Miller
10:25 AM–11:00 AM
Coffee Break
11:00 AM–11:30 AM
TypeSlicer: a program slicing tool for gradual run-time type errors,
Felipe Bañados Schwerter, Ronald Garcia, and Reid Holmes
11:30 AM–12:05 PM
A Cup of ChaiSQL: Benefits of Type Checking for SQL,
Dmitrii Orlov, Daphne Miedema and Nikolay Yakovets
12:05 PM–12:40 PM
12:40 PM–1:50 PM
Programming in the Sciences
Scientists and Code: Programming as a Tool,
Caroline Berger, Matthew Lutze, Niklas Elmqvist, Magnus Madsen and Clemens Nylandsted Klokmose
1:50 PM–2:25 PM
A Preliminary Study of the Needs of Climate Data Users,
Savitha Ravi, Sai Krishna Ranjan Gauravarapu, and Michael Coblenz
2:25 PM–2:50 PM
Coffee Break
2:50 PM–3:20 PM
AI-Augmented Programming Experiences
Generating Domain-Specific Programs for Diagram Authoring with Large Language Models,
Rijul Jain, Wode Ni, and Joshua Sunshine
3:20 PM–3:45 PM
Co-audit: tools to help humans double-check AI-generated content,
Andrew D. Gordon, Carina Negreanu, José Cambronero, Rasika Chakravarthy, Ian Drosos, Hao Fang, Bhaskar Mitra, Hannah Richardson, Advait Sarkar, Stephanie Simmons, Jack Williams and Ben Zorn
3:45 PM–4:20 PM
Designing for Semi-formal Programming with Foundation Models,
Josh Pollock, Ian Arawjo, Caroline Berger, and Arvind Satyanarayan
4:20 PM–4:45 PM

Day 2, Tuesday February 20th
8:30 AM–9:00 AM
Domain-Specific Languages
Insertion Live Templates: Better Bridging of Code and Block Diagram Representations in an Electronics HDL,
Richard Lin and Ankur Mehta
9:00 AM–9:25 AM
SureVeyor: A Language for High-Quality Online Surveys,
Ye Shu, Emmie Hine, Hugo Hua, Emery Berger, and Daniel W. Barowy
9:25 AM–10:00 AM
Pika: A Declarative Language for Expressing Online Community Governance Policies,
Leijie Wang, Nicolas Vincent, Julija Rukanskaitė, Amy X. Zhang
10:00 AM–10:35 AM
Coffee Break
10:35 AM–11:05 AM
Enforcing Temporal Constraints on Generative Agent Behavior with Reactive Synthesis,
Raven Rothkopf, Hannah Tongxin Zeng, and Mark Santolucito
11:05 AM–11:30 AM
A Comparative Study of Traditional versus Capability-Based Module Systems for Modern Programming Languages,
Abhaas Goyal, Alex Potanin, Jonathan Aldrich
11:30 AM–12:05 PM
Towards Semantic User Intent Expression and Refinement in Web Automation,
Kevin Pu, Tovi Grossman, Yan Chen
12:05 PM–12:30 PM
12:30 PM–1:40 PM
Exploring Tools for Collaborative Multi-Stakeholder Requirement Engineering: A Survey,
Tyler Holloway, Nada Amin and Elena Glassman
1:40 PM–2:05 PM
Twoville: Programming with Time and Direct Manipulation,
Chris Johnson, Will Morris
2:05 PM–2:30 PM
Stretch Break/Quick Coffee Break
2:30 PM–2:35 PM
Feedback Sessions
Feedback Session,
Huiyun Peng
2:35 PM–3:00 PM
Feedback Session,
Sai Krishna Ranjan Gauravarapu and Michael Coblenz
3:00 PM–3:25 PM
Coffee Break
3:25 PM–3:55 PM
From ‘Why?’ to ‘WAT!’: Explaining perplexing programs by debugging mental models,
Kartik Chandra, Tzu-Mao Li, Rachit Nigam, Joshua Tenenbaum, and Jonathan Ragan-Kelley
3:55 PM–4:20 PM
Towards the Usability of Reactive Synthesis: Mapping TSL Misconceptions to Mitigations,
Leyi Cui, Raven Rothkopf, and Mark Santolucito
4:20 PM–4:55 PM
Wrap Up
4:55 PM–5:00 PM
Important Dates
Wednesday, December 6th, 2023 (AoE time)
Paper Submission
February 19-20, 2024
Jonathan Aldrich
Carnegie Mellon University
Titus Barik
Alan Blackwell
University of Cambridge
Michael Coblenz
University of California - San Diego
Will Crichton
Brown University
Mark Guzdial
University of Michigan
Austin Henley
Felienne Hermans
Leiden University
Eunice Jun
University of Washington
Thomas LaToza
George Mason University
Toby Li
University of Notre Dame
Brad Myers
Carnegie Mellon University
Steve Oney
University of Michigan
Hila Peleg
Clément Pit-Claudel
Mark Santolucito
Barnard College
Gustavo Soares
Organizing Committee
Sarah E. Chasins
University of California, Berkeley
Elena Glassman
Harvard University
Joshua Sunshine
Carnegie Mellon University
Student Organizers
Shraddha Barke
University of California - San Diego
Matthew Davis
Carnegie Mellon University
Sam Estep
Carnegie Mellon University
Kasra Ferdowsi
University of California - San Diego
Michael James
University of California - San Diego
Jenny Liang
Carnegie Mellon University
Justin Lubin
University of California - Berkeley
Ian McCormack
Carnegie Mellon University
Chelse Swoopes
Harvard University
Priyan Vaithilingam
Harvard University